About Us

Urepost is the premium share site that Movie Makers use to get the word out about their upcoming releases as well as giving the user the chance for free movie downloads, premiere tickets, free music, free movie tickets, coupons, t-shirts and much, much, more.

Movie makers want your help and are willing to thank you with freebies.  


Movie Makers know that the best form of advertising is word of mouth. That's why Urepost.com was created.  If you like a movie, then help promote it.  Urepost has created an easy way for you to use your social media sites.   

With Urepost, you create an account with just your name and email. From the account you select the movies that you want to promote. 

URepost links to your  social media site.  Once you select the ad, then all you need to do is click.  The ad goes on your social site and you instantly rewarded.